Artist Statement

Mary Bergs
Artist statement

“…the artist’s role is to create, among people, and to somehow be the bridge, or the instigator for developing a sense of reverence and beauty. “  Satish Kumar

Making art is in large part motivated by my desire to learn, to pose questions, and to practice awareness.  My work is a series of close observations and examinations of objects encountered in daily life.  I use material from nature and objects that have been discarded or devalued.  I endeavor not to create something new, but to discern what is.  I am inspired by the poetic nature of these objects.  Through working with them I begin to know them.  I examine their forms, surfaces, their relationships to one another and their individual imperfections.  A dialogue is built around the shape, color, texture, or function of the objects used.  Making connections and finding relationships in the things that are already in the world is a way for me to better understand the world and my place in it.  I am interested in art as a vehicle for dialogue within the context of everyday life.